Make Rancho Neptuno your home.

Full Lot Map

Get acquainted with Rancho Neptuno. Linked here is a full-size PDF presenting all of our lots. For information on availability, square footage, and pricing, consult the interactive lot maps to the right or the tables below.

Interactive Maps

For the best experience, we recommend downloading our interactive maps and opening them in Adobe Acrobat reader. Mouse over different lots to view square footage and price dynamically.

Available Houses

House 66

A beautiful B-row 4-bedroom home complete with a garage and pool. The master suite includes a large balcony perfect for ocean views over breakfast.

House 71

A serene Spanish-style villa flanked with palm trees to guarantee your privacy. A beautiful swimming pool and spacious balcony complete this lovely vacation home.

House 77

A fun, 4-bedroom home with a large master suite and an open, naturally-lit dining/living area.

Available Lots


Lot 12a1,739.07521,721.00
Lot 13a1,747.90524,370.00
Lot 341,971.40591,420.00
Lot 351,834.63550,389.00
Lot 361,814.27544,281.00
Lot 381,771.79531,537.00
Lot 38a1,799.96539,988.00
Lot 391,776.93533,079.00
Lot 401,756.92527,076.00
Lot 411,736.91521,073.00
Lot 421,736.91521,073.00


Lot 21b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 22b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 23b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 24b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 25b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 26b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 27b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 28b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 29b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 30b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 31b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 32b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 33b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 34b1,400.00119,000.00
Lot 47a1,064.0090,440.00
Lot 481,680.00142,800.00
Lot 491,680.00142,800.00
Lot 511,680.00142,800.00
Lot 521,680.00142,800.00
Lot 54a1,064.0090.440.00
Lot 55a1,020.8886,774.80
Lot 571,680.00142,800.00
Lot 581,680.00142,800.00
Lot 591,680.00142,800.00
Lot 601,680.00142,800.00
Lot 611,680.00142,800.00
Lot 621,680.00142,800.00
Lot 631,680.00142,800.00
Lot 64a1,284.92109,218.20
Lot 65a1,008.0085,680.00
Lot 671,680.00142,800.00
Lot 701,680.00142,800.00
Lot 73a1,064.0090.440.00
Lot 751,680.00142,800.00
Lot 761,680.00142,800.00


Lot 35c1,396.08104,706.00
Lot 36c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 37c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 38c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 39c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 40c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 41c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 42c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 43c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 44c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 45c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 46c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 47c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 48c1,456.00109,200.00
Lot 49c1,965.71147,428.25
Lot 821,612.24120,918.00
Lot 831,288.0096,600.00
Lot 841,680.00126,000.00
Lot 851,680.00126,000.00
Lot 861,680.00126,000.00
Lot 871,680.00126,000.00
Lot 881,680.00126,000.00
Lot 891,680.00126,000.00
Lot 931,680.00126,000.00
Lot 941,680.00126,000.00
Lot 951,680.00126,000.00
Lot 961,680.00126,000.00
Lot 971,680.00126,000.00
Lot 981,680.00126,000.00
Lot 991,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1011,729.84129,738.00
Lot 1021,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1031,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1041,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1051,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1061,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1071,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1081,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1091,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1101,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1131,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1141,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1151,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1161,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1171,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1181,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1191,680.00126,000.00
Lot 1201,288.0096,600.00